Yesterday in Slam Dunk Festival (North) I met my favourite human, Charles Trippy! 
I should start by saying this was one of my favourite days and I am so incredibly greatful to have been able to go and meet some many bands, especially Charles! Also We The Kings set was so so so so good and I hope they have a UK tour soon! 

Charles was so lovely, and I met him a few times during the day because he was walking around so much, we spoke for a bit and I had such a good conversation with him and when I told him about how I found a puppy in a forest and decided to keep her (millie) he high-fived me and I said how weird it is to high-five him in person because I am so used to an ‘internet high-five’. 
I also met his girlfriend and she is so lovely and smiley :) 
they seem so happy together and I love seeing Charles happy! 
Her name is Allie which is just a coincidence haha. It was nice to see the ctfxc happy around Charles and Allie, it must be nice for them to see that most of us are happy that he is happy!

Yesterday couldn’t have been better! I am incredibly grateful for everything! xo

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